3d Home Design Renderings

If you are looking to renovate the exterior of your home or business you've come to the right place. We take the pics of your existing home or blueprints and turn them into realistic, 3d renderings. 

Are you struggling with choosing the finishes for your home? I can help! Lets work together to create the home exterior you have always wanted!


As a designer I am able to combine my skills with

your tastes and preferences and

turn your remodel into

something amazing!

Minimal Investment

Maximum Value



I reached out to Stephanie to help design the exterior of a new build. I was really struggling to dial in the style I was aiming for and combination of exterior materials. You only get 1 shot and I didn’t want to butcher it. Stephanie was great at giving me different variations and make changes I wanted to see. It was a quick process because she was so responsive. She has a great eye and I appreciated her opinion and options she showed me. It’s been super valuable to show contractors what I’m creating so we’re all on the same page.

— Nicole Knight

Stephanie did a fabulous rendering of my blueprints and really understood what I was trying to accomplish and brought to life what I wanted out of my dream build! Thank you again.

— Ricki Caswell

Crazy story. So I actually found Stephanie on Pinterest and decided to reach out to her to help with designing and providing drafts for a new front porch. We’re several states apart but felt like she was only a town away. She was great to work; We chatted via phone and email. She was responsive and her drafts were amazing! Highly recommend for those who are thinking about remodeling a home. The drafts are great!

— Dee